How Do I Get Started?

Requesting a proposal for a bridal recreation is easy! Just a few simple steps:

  •  Please complete the form below & submit photos of the bouquet. Once I receive your request, I'll be in touch to get a bit more information and begin putting together a proposal.

  • Review the proposal & set timeline. Once everything looks good, and I've got everything I need- we're ready!

  • Complete the booking. I'll send a contract and once it's signed and the deposit paid, I'll get to work!

  • Waiting is the hardest part- but I'll keep you posted on the progress with a few sneak peek  photos!

  • Then, it's time to schedule a pick-up or delivery. And be sure to pat yourself on the back for winning 'Spouse of the Year'!


How long does it take?

Production time can vary depending on the detail of the recreation, In an effort to have ample time to create your perfectly recreated bouquet, I ask that orders are booked 1-2 months in advance. I always do my best to work with customer's timelines, so if you have a question about timing- drop me a line!

Will this look exactly like the bouquet in the photo? 

I always do my very best to make sure these bouquets capture as many elements as possible from the original. I do not guarantee exact replicas of fresh bouquets, but will get it as close as I possibly can!


Do I have to order a replica of the original bouquet?

Nope! If you'd prefer, you can have a smaller 'representative' bouquet that will contain the main highlights of the bouquet without recreating the same size, volume and variety as the original bouquet.   

Bridal Bouquet Recreations